Other Fan Sites
  Web Link
  Link   duranduran.ch
  Link   astronaut.it
Italian site with lots of photos. - Last update in 2009 -
  Link   The ordinary world of planet earth
  Link   the fab 5 Brumies
German site in German language by Monique which features a lot of pics and an archive with stuff from "Hello"
  Link   Duranitaly
another Italian site with news and downloads
  Link   Tom McClintock's Site
site by Tom McClintock with lots of interesting facts
  Link   Private Collection
Russian site with lots of information
  Link   poptrash.be
site by Peter Brinkhof from the Netherlands
  Link   Duran Duran Taipei
site from Taiwan
  Link   duranduran.at
site from Austria in German language with lots of photos
  Link   Duran Duran always
  Link   Discover Duran Duran
  Link   Calling Planet Earth
  Link   Boys On Film
site from Japan
  Link   Blue Silver - a guide to Duran Duran
site from Argentina in English and Spanish
  Link   bluesilver.tk
great site with lots of information by Armand Wilhelm from the Netherlands
  Link   Nuno's Site
great site by Nuno from Portugal
  Link   Lizard King
this site from Canada is one of the eldest sites on the web (since 1997).
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