Fan Sites - My Favourites
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  Link   Duranasty
beautiful site with regular news by Salvo Zuppardo from Italy
  Link   Duran Collection
this site by Guillermo Ugarte from Spain contains the most complete discography on the web
  Link   Duran Duran CZ
great fansite from the Czech Republic fantastic cover artwork, downloads and lots of information. There is also an extra section for the collection: http://collection.duranduran.cz/
  Link   Duran Duran Wiki
here you find every information about Duran Duran
  Link   Duran Sicily
A new site from sicily in Italy with lots of downloads, pics and all you can imagin.
  Link   Duran Planet
another Italian site with downloads, pictures etc.
  Link   Gimme A Wristband
site by Kitty Amsbry with lots of news and pics
  Link   Livefan's Exclusive Duran Duran Creations Blog
fantastic site with lots of high quality videos downloads
  Link   The Duran Diaries
Personal experiences with the DD boys from 1986 on - taken from a real diary. With lots of pics.
  Link   Union Of The Mix
a heaven for every fan of remixes with lots of downloads
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